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For decades Aaron Klause and Air Rescue has provided top rated gas furnace repairs for Celina, Prosper, Frisco Texas area homeowners and businesses. If your gas heating system is not working properly or needs seasonal maintenance, call us. We will professionally diagnose the problem, and with your approval, restore your heating system to efficient reliable operation.

If your Collin and Denton County, TX HVAC system is not running properly, reach out to us now. Our EPA certified, licensed, and factory-trained team of heat pump technicians offer professional 24 /7 emergency service.

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Is It Time for a Mini Split Heat Pump Pro?

With each change of season, we arrive on more than a few ductless heat pump repair calls only to find that the fix was a simple one that could have been resolved by the owner. You can do some basic diagnostics while leaving the more aggressive troubleshooting to trained technicians. So check out these things before you call and you might save both time and money:

  • Power Supply:
    • Check your circuit breaker for your outdoor unit to ensure that you have not had a nuisance trip and your heat pump system does have power.
    • Check the outdoor disconnect typically mounted next to your outdoor unit to ensure that it is "ON".
  • Is the thermal fuse missing? Some furnace utility spaces have a replaceable thermal fuse on the ceiling near the furnace. Make sure that fuse is in place.
  • Check your zone controls:
    • Check the battery in your hand held remotes and replace them now.
    • Make sure that at least one zone is set to "ON" and the desired temperature is set well below room temperature for cooling operation, or well above ambient for heating.
    • If you are operating in the heat mode, make sure that your system is not in “Defrost” mode. If it is wait a few minutes for your system to complete its defrost cycle.
    • If your breaker was off, after turning the power on, give it a few minutes: many systems have a built-in time delay.
  • If your system operating, but not performing properly:
    • Check your indoor unit filters. If your filters have not been cleaned lately, clean them now.
    • If you're heating, make sure your outdoor unit is free of snow or ice.

After checking these items, if your mini split heat pump is still off or running improperly call us and we’ll dispatch a service tech to help. We always treat every customer like family!

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Professional Heat Pump Service Problems:

Installation by untrained or unprofessional personnel is the most common cause of ductless heat pump failures. We know how efficient and comfortable ductless heat pump systems can be, but if it's improperly sized, or improperly installed, they can disappoint. A professional technician from Air Rescue can help you with these issues and more:

  • Issues caused by improper installation:
    • Improper zone sizing: If an indoor unit is too small it will fail to properly heat or cool in extreme weather. If it is too big, it will cycle on its lowest output and fail to properly dehumidify.
    • Condensation Leaks: caused by indoor units installed out of level, or crimped or obstructed condensate lines.
    • Refrigerant Loss: due to improper installation or mechanical damage. This will result most commonly in reduced system capacity over time in the first few months after installation
  • Issues caused by lack or maintenance or component failure:
    • Dirty indoor or outdoor coils:
      • Changes in heating or cooling capacity over time.
      • Noisy operation indoors
    • Noisy outdoor unit may indicate a motor, compressor, or reversing system failure.
    • Outdoor unit fails to start may be cause by improper wire or breaker sizing, a tripped fuse, or failed outdoor component.
    • Indoor zone fails to start may be caused by loose or defective control wiring, or obstructed or failed IR receiver.
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If your mini-split heat pump is fine today but you want more peace of mind, consider our Energy Saving Maintenance Agreement. Every year we’ll schedule a complete system check to ensure your system is ready for trouble free operation.

If you’re considering a new mini-split heat pump system, we offer free estimates for new system installations. For more details on our Mitsubishi and Diakin installation services click here.

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